Lancement des versions localisées de Twitter

Billet très rapide pour annoncer le lancement officiel de :

J'essayerai d'écrire un autre billet pour donner plus d'informations techniques sur l'architecture des sites.

preg_replace/preg_replace_callback PURE Javascript equivalent

I didn't know that but the string replace method support $X notation style and callback functions:

in pure javascript:

preg_replace_callback in pure javascript:

PHP preg_replace_callback Javascript equivalent


[Explore Code] [Download @GitHub]

PHP preg_replace the Javascript equivalent

It's seems that preg_replace (and apparently preg_replace_callback) doesn't exist in PHP.js or any other javascript library, however after some research I've found this one from Ferdinand Silva:

And this one from Xuan NGUYEN:

But their function don't support references (of the form \\n or (since PHP 4.0.4) $n or ${n}) in the remplacement argument . So I've developped mine !

Check my GitHub page for the PHP preg_replace Javascript Equivalent

Twitter recommendation-power indicator tool [updated]

I've just released a new version of Twitter recommendation-power indicator tool.

  1. Now support minurl.fr & minu.me
  2. "pass Reply & RT" option added
  3. Some bug fixes

However I still wait for a tr.im API key...
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