Redsmin is finally out of beta!

A little more than one year ago, I took the challenge to write a modern real-time Redis GUI in order to improve my workflow with Redis and to help me write, debug and monitor my Redis servers at Bringr, a real-time monitoring and publishing solution for creating value from social media activity.
Redsmin now helps daily thousands of developers around the world speeding up their workflow.
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How to do one-time expression evaluation of HTML5 data-* attributes in AngularJS

There are no easy way to do a one-time expression evaluation with AngularJS. The easiest way would be to code a directive but it's most of the time better to not reinvent the wheel.

Bindonce is a small library for AngularJS that provides one-time evaluation (thus zero watchers) for AngularJS. Since Bindonce 0.2+, it's now possible to evaluate any kind of attributes thanks to bo-attr-*.

Let's say we use bootstrap and want to specify dynamically some content generated by JavaScript inside our popover. Using bindonce we just have to write

<div bindonce ng-controller="MyCtrl">

  <div bo-attr 
    <i class="icon icon-question-sign"></i>


Title, isHtml and content will be evaluated only one time and put inside attr-data-* attributes. From this point we could write our own directive to abstract the creation of our bootstrap popover but that's another story.
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