How to change Play framework default development port once and for all

The following trick will only work in developpment env., to change the default port in production use -Dhttp.port=9001 instead.

Scrolling animated EPSI logo with SASS/JS

I was kind of tired yesterday night to do any more work on Bringr or Redsmin. So while procrastinating on the internet I discovered the picture below of my old graduate school (EPSI Nantes) where I now teach JavaScript and NoSQL from time to time.

...  I wondered how fast I could write this logo in CSS/HTML, so I started to do it. Then once it I was done, I wondered how I could animate it while scrolling. In order to do that I used skrollr and skrollr-stylesheet and here we are:

I find the result kind of neat for a small one night project like that!

  • It was only tested on Chrome 31+
  • The animation is really slow on iPhone 4 but works well on later version.

Redsmin Enterprise, sorted fields and keys, confirmation on destructive ops…

In the last weeks we received a lot of useful feedbacks from our users so we would like to thank you all for that! We are working hard on Redsmin and started to think technically about Redsmin Enterprise thanks to the deep knowledge of linux hackers like @keruspe.
The following weeks are going to be really exciting, stay tuned and don’t forget to come say hi!
Read the entire article on Redsmin Blog

Introducing a CLI for InfluxDB, the scalable datastore for time series of metrics and events

I can't say how much I'm excited by InfluxDB right now. For months I was looking for an alternative to the hard to scale RRDTool and Whisper projects and was even thinking to implement my own distributed time-series database. And then the guys at Errplane released InfluxDB.

InfluxDB is announced to be production ready before January but I wanted to play around with it already. Just to see with my own eyes if it was filling the gap for my use case at Redsmin. The client libraries are really new. The NodeJS client is only 1 day old as I'm writing this.

So as I tested InfluxDB against Redsmin monitoring service, I was looking for a way to write and execute InfluxDB SQL queries rapidly and display the results inside the terminal. Since InfluxDB, due to its maturity, lacks of tools, I decided to create my own InfluxDB-CLI.

npm install influxdb-cli -g

InfluxDB and InfluxDB-CLI have a long way to go before being production ready but I really hope it will help newcomers discover and use this amazing project.

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