How to export Mixpanel people properties to an Excel compatible CSV

At Bringr our salesman wanted to be able to export all people properties from Mixpanel to Excel. Mixpanel does have an API for that however, like any API, it is not really user friendly. To solve this I rapidly developed a bookmarklet to export every people properties with just a single click. I think we are not alone in this situation so I am sharing it, enjoy!

A bookmarklet that exports an Excel compatible CSV of the first 1000 people (with all their properties) from Mixpanel > People > Explore.

Mixpanel Export People Properties on Github


Scala equivalent of JavaScript ~.apply and Python unpacking

In Scala unpacking arguments in the context of a method call is achieved with an array argument followed by a colon and an _* symbol, like so:

Applying an array argument only works with functions that use repeated parameters, like print[A](args: A*) above.

Note: JavaScript Function::apply, requires a calling object as the first argument and works on any function (unlike in scala) so it's not quite the same.
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