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Scrolling animated EPSI logo with SASS/JS

I was kind of tired yesterday night to do any more work on Bringr or Redsmin. So while procrastinating on the internet I discovered the picture below of my old graduate school (EPSI Nantes) where I now teach JavaScript and NoSQL from time to time.

...  I wondered how fast I could write this logo in CSS/HTML, so I started to do it. Then once it I was done, I wondered how I could animate it while scrolling. In order to do that I used skrollr and skrollr-stylesheet and here we are:

I find the result kind of neat for a small one night project like that!

  • It was only tested on Chrome 31+
  • The animation is really slow on iPhone 4 but works well on later version.
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Made with on a hot august night from an airplane the 19th of March 2017.