Managing various NodeJS version per projects

How to manage multiple projects with their own NodeJS version? 

Simple, use nvm.

But how do I automatically change NodeJS version?

Simple use a .nvmrc inside each project and a .env loaded by autoenv when cding inside the project to automatically change NodeJS version between project just by using cd.

It's not DRY, I want to stay DRY and don't duplicate NodeJS version inside both package.json and .nvmrc, what do I do?

Well, remove your .nvmrc and replace .env content by:

And now you're DRY :)

Automatic constraints as a team maturity accelerator for startups

I gave a talk at Polytech Nantes on how we use automated constraints at iAdvize and Redsmin to speed up our team maturity and efficiency as well as raising up the overall quality automatically. The slides are included below:

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