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[Book Review] AngularJS UI Development

Once again Packt graciously sent me AngularJS UI Development book for reviewing and I am grateful for that.
But I will be brief. It's one of the worst written "technical" book I've ever read.

  • silly chapter ordering and subject choices
  • chapter subjects are glanced over, chapters feel like unfinished copy/pasted tutorials
  • code samples should have never been approved during the review
    • separation of concerns is not respected most of the time
      • and by most of the time I mean 95% of the time, not 60%
    • there are so much state in these examples, everywhere
  • this book does not even talk about routing and state management
    • ... well, unless you wait until chapter 10 and consider a one-route single page application (SPA) good enough.
    • In a book about UI Development, view state management is essential so in my humble opinion the book should have started with it. 

When we think about AngularJS UI Development, the first library that come to mind is ui-router. Instead we have a chapter 3 about google maps integration, chapter 5 about ng-animate, chapter 6 about charts integration and so on...

Okay, let's stop there and just say that I won't recommend this book to anyone, ever.

If you are new to AngularJS and are looking for a serious book on that matter consider MEAN Web Development, at least this one is well written.

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