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PM2 tips - uncommon ssh port, cluster_mode and deploy troubleshooting

Note: PM2 own code quality is bad and cluster_mode is not production ready. I would not recommend to use PM2, anywhere. You have been warned.

How to use a different ssh port for PM2

Since pm2-deploy directly forward the host string to ssh, you can simply use:

"host": "HOSTNAME -p PORT"

inside the configuration file.

How to use cluster_mode in PM2

Make your app instances listen on port 8000 and pm2 will load-balance any request on 8080 to your app instances.

Troubleshooting pm2 deploy

pm2-deploy outputs its log into /tmp/pm2-deploy.log so if you don't understand why pm2 deploy is not working, a tail -f /tmp/pm2-deploy.log might help.

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