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Merging RedisWeekly into RedisWatch

I'm copy/pasting here the email sent to RedisWeekly subscribers for archiving purpose.

What a long way since the first issue of RedisWeekly the 16th of August 2013!

As you may have seen from the past weeks, I was not able to send you weekly doses of Redis news! In this regard I decided to leave RedisWeekly in the good hands of Redis Watch curator Itamar Haber from Redis Labs and I would highly recommend you to stick with Redis Watch.

If you do not unsubscribe from this mailing list before the 9th of April you will be automatically subscribed to Redis Watch.

As for me I will continue to share and spread what I find interesting on my Twitter account and hope I will meet some of you at some tech conference!

Thank you for all these years of your trust in RedisWeekly.

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