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[Recap] 2017 through my Github repositories and social media posts

I know it's a little late but I wondered this morning : would it be nice to make a recap of 2017 using only my Github, Instagram and Twitter accounts, so here we are!

I started 2017 playing with HTML Audio API, building real-time sound analysis and visualizations.

But this was mostly for entertainment, on the business side I was working on the architecture of the upcoming KillBug SaaS...

... and the user workflow with @EmmanuelJulliot.

I finally bought a LaMetric and started to play with it...

Later that year, during (another!) breakfast I built rss-to-lametric that displays latest Rss news directly from LaMetric!

The NodeJS version was great but not good enough. I've rewrote it in Rust 2 days laters, released it on Github and published multiple lametric apps with it!

... without knowing I would receive a Cease and Desist letter from 20 minutes because I used 20 Minutes logo, copyright stupidity.

In March I redesigned fgribreau.com so it could share testimonials about my advisory activities. The site source-code is now hosted on Github and served through Netlify.

Still in March, we've deploy KillBug on a Google Cloud Kubernetes cluster and I made a cost parsing little tool for it (now I use ReOptimize for that)

In April I sold RedisWekely newsletter to Redis Labs, a newsletter I started in 2013 that reached thousands of subscribers.

I also started to get back on wood work...

Had a lot fun building a laptop stand this weekend! It's built entirely out of raw pallet wood (pine), tailor-made, very robust and way better by design than industry alternatives (weak, plastic, not enough space for ventilation). Some followers on twitter are interested to buy some, would you? What you see here is version 1 usable for 13" and 15" macbook pro and I plan to remove every piece of steel so it will only be made of recycled pallet wood. With models for 13" 15" and 17" laptop and various colors (raw, dark oak dye, light oak dye). Anyway, what a perfect way to change my mind between the preparation of 2 new talks for #BreizhCamp this week (#Swagger #ImageCharts #automation #PostgreSQL #Postgrest and #GraphQL, more on that later). Oh! One last thing, the new SaaS I talked about in the previous shots is going well thanks to our amazing team, beta registration will be available in 3 weeks top!

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at that time I did not know that I would build my very own table in August!

In the same month I've left iAdvize to join Ouest-France as head of digital development and architect. Elon Musk bibliography was an awesome read.

... and I also read that

... and this one ...

... and this one...

... and this one...

... and these ones (and lot of other books that I did not share on Instagram 😅)...

10 days after my arrival at Ouest-France I "hacked into" active directory to map the organisational chart because I could not find an up to date one and here is the result I had...

One other thing that bothered me was that some internal software (e.g. Redmine) at Ouest-France were not available programmatically from outside because of an old version of Microsoft ISA-server redirecting to an auth form and thus blocking requests. So I wrote a little tool that proxy requests and rewrite them to pass Microsoft ISA server gateway and let us finally automate things on top of internal software like Redmine.

In the last three month of every year since 2014, I always work on improving HeyBe. Heybe is a SaaS that let companies generate personalized video at scale for their customers. This year, I migrated HeyBe video generation cluster to Google Cloud, wrote my own Google Cloud Group Instance auto-scaler for our custom need in Rust.

I released a simple Google Cloud API client in Rust...

... and a NodeJS stringify equivalent in Rust.

Heybe 2017 release was then ready for prime-time!

Moving cluster to Google Cloud largely reduced HeyBe fixed costs as well.

For the past 5 years I do still follow hacker philosophy and share what I learn, here I gave a lecture at Nantes University about NoSQL.

and there at Ouest-France about Kubernetes philosophy and Containers

I worked on KillBug and wrote code for the animated background...

... and discovered that Google Cloud was blocking outbound connections to ports 25, 465 and 587....

... so I wrote a little SMTP proxy to fix it...

... and also built a PostgreSQL to AMQP tool that forwards some pg_notify events to AMQP (RabbitMQ) for KillBug.

Some weeks later we opened KillBug first private beta

I went on improvising playing piano as well...

... and really enjoyed it ...

In June, like every year (!) I went to Web2Day to give a talk about SaaS industrialization with OpenAPI/Swagger

Tesla X ! #soonTesla3 #tesla

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Speaking about talk, I had the chance to give one (very unprepared) at Maia Matter in September, and two at Breizh Camp for my first attending.

During a travel to Paris I rewrote my NodeJS kubectx kubernetes little helper in Rust and saw impressive performance improvements.

In one August night I made my own clap recognition script with NodeJS and Philips Hue!

2017 was also the year I went back to electronics, bringing back souvenirs from childhood 😇

In October I started eating Huel every morning, as I'm taking my breakfast, writing these lines, I still do it today. It was a very impressive life-style change and I feel way more connected everyday since that day.

In October I also added custom domain name support to Image-Charts enterprise plan!

Oh! And I also bought some Raspberry Pi and hacked a Magic Mirror!

In the mean time during that year I will wrote some code in Rust, like this Rust spinner library

Waiting for my Tesla 3, I bought a BMW x3 and asked them to send me the source code and how to subscribe as a developer to build widget for the onboard computer (but failed miserably!)

However I got the source-code as a DVD AND pushed it on gitlab.com/fgribreau/bmw_oss!

During December holidays I hacked on Ouest-France platform tooling

... wrote a JSON-schema documentation-generator

... wrote some BlockProvider examples (I will give a talk at Breizh Camp about what they are, how they start to help bringing change to a large organization like Ouest-France and what an agnostic CMS is 😉)

And a validator-cli for the upcoming Ouest-France platform

Lot of other things were released, updated or experimented during 2017. Let's make 2018 even better than 2017!

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