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FinOps - Reducing Google Cloud Storage costs

🤯 Inter-region network transfer can be a real PITA.

My latest Google-Cloud Invoice for my Image-Charts Saas was ~40% related with inter-region transfer. 💸💸

 - Why ? 🧐

 - I'm glad you asked 😍!

GCP billing report confirms that 40% came from Google Cloud Storage.

Drilling down I saw that the main costs were related with GCP "Storage egress between NA and EU" and "GCP Storage egress between EU and APAC".

Storage/sent bytes per location graph confirms it, I've sent more than 3TB of data from EU to Asia (APAC) & USA (NA) clusters.


Because docker images 🐳 are stored on GCP EU (eu.gcr.io). And are downloaded nearly at every Kubernetes node auto-scaling-up steps. And Image-Charts scales. Like a lot.

I've updated @imagecharts continuous delivery pipeline yesterday to push images to the 3 locations (EU+Asia+USA) instead of one (EU) and I already see improvements 👍🔥

Conclusion: 20x Google Cloud Storage cost reduction!

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