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Dot-clipboard - monitors your clipboard and runs scripts based on its content

When I first thought of — and implemented — clipboard-watcher I knew I will then have to build something like dot-clipboard.

It tooks me a few hours of hard passionate work with NodeJS fs.watch and clipboard-watcher to build the core and a few more hours to write the first download-gif script.

I really liked playing with the idea of script hot-reload and auto-checking. Actually some of these parts are already re-used inside an upcoming project that is targeting a much larger problem : website and SaaS performance... At the time of writing we already have a functional prototype but I will share more on this later...

Coming back to dot-clipboard, the release went well : first page on Hacker News, more than 3 000 unique visitors on Github and some interesting tweets :

Now let's see what scripts the JavaScript/NodeJS community will build!

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